Bacon-Wrapped Filets Mignons with Gorgonzola Vinaigrette

Serves 4

WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS For special-occasion, steakhouseworthy

filets mignons, we dry-aged a center-cut beef tenderloin

before cutting it into individual steaks. We wrapped each one in bacon

and cooked them in a low oven until just shy of medium-rare.

Elevating the steaks on a wire rack allowed the bacon fat to render

and drip off. A quick trip to the skillet gave us perfectly cooked steaks

with crisp, porky wrappers. A rich vinaigrette takes this over the top.

1 (2-pound) center-cut beef tenderloin roast

2 teaspoons kosher salt

1 teaspoon pepper

4 slices bacon

1 tablespoon vegetable oil

1 recipe Gorgonzola Vinaigrette (recipe follows)

1 Set wire rack in paper towel–lined rimmed baking sheet. Pat roast

dry with paper towels, then wrap loosely in cheesecloth. Set roast on

prepared rack. Refrigerate, uncovered, on lowest shelf for 3 to 4


2 Adjust oven rack to middle position and heat oven to 275 degrees.

Set wire rack in rimmed baking sheet. Combine salt and pepper in

bowl. Using sharp paring knife, trim fat from roast and shave off any

hard, dried exterior surfaces. Cut tenderloin crosswise into 4 equal

steaks. Pat steaks dry with paper towels and sprinkle evenly with salt


3 Working with 1 steak at a time, wrap 1 slice bacon around

circumference of steak, stretching as needed, and secure overlapping

ends with toothpick inserted horizontally. Place steaks on prepared

wire rack. Roast until steaks register 115 degrees (for medium-rare),

about 40 minutes, or 125 degrees (for medium), 45 to 50 minutes.

4 Heat oil in 12-inch nonstick skillet over medium-high heat until just

smoking. Position steaks on sides in skillet with bacon seam side

down and nestled into rounded corners of skillet. Cook until bacon is

evenly browned, rotating steaks as needed, about 5 minutes. Position

steaks flat side down in center of skillet and cook until steaks are well

browned on tops and bottoms, 1 to 2 minutes per side.

5 Transfer steaks to platter, tent with aluminum foil, and let rest for 10

minutes. Gently remove toothpicks, leaving bacon intact. Serve with